New Hipster Barbie on Instagram Is Way Deeper Than You'll Ever Be (PHOTOS)

Life is fantastic when you're plastic, right? It is if you're Socality Barbie, the Instagram sensation mocking all things hipsterish and "authentic" -- named for the new form of Evangelical Christianity that is sometimes described as spiritually shallow.


The thing that makes Socality Barbie so incredibly awesome are her captions. The account creator is an anonymous wedding photographer out of Oregon, so you know she's familiar with all things hipster.

Take this super deep one for example, as Socality Barbie quotes scripture and pairs it with a sweet selfie:

It's not all about the Socality movement though ... this Barbie Girl is a hipster through and through.

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Look at her writing her memoir like a boss. It's all about authenticity!

Here she is being spiritual again -- it really is all about coffee and prayer. Or something.


And the sheer number of hashtags she uses is ridiculous, amirite? But she has a point in this one -- if no one took a picture of you in front of the ocean, did you ever really see the ocean?

This plastic girlfriend nails everything mockable about the millennial generation. #GodBlessIt


Image via socalitybarbie/Instagram

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