Pink Clashes With Demi Lovato After Calling 2015 VMAs 'Trash'

pink Pink had some pretty harsh words for MTV this morning on social media. On a private Instagram account, Pink reportedly called the VMAs "trash," explaining she "felt sad because music is supposed to inspire. It saved my life," but the performances at last weekend's show "won't save any kid's life."



She didn't hate the whole thing though, she said she liked Macklemore and Pharrell and Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. So pretty much she liked all the dudes, but none of the ladies?

Oh, wait. She added, "Tori Kelly was dope too. The rest was gross and embarrassing and hard for this aging pop star to believe." And also, GET OFF MY LAWN!

Now, Pink has never seemed like the kind of lady you want to tangle with, so you almost felt sorry for Demi Lovato when she decided to try and defend herself, tweeting:

C'mon, Pink! As a fellow person who is getting up there in age, I want to remind you that young rock and pop stars are supposed to do stuff that we "olds" find gross and shocking. That's the whole point.

True, you did the super-cool, wet trapeze thing a few years ago, but you've had some time to develop and refine your art. And I don't think our young girls are quite as soulless and gross as you might think.

For instance, Miley's MTV VMA outfits were outrageous and hardly there and crazy, but Miley was wearing art. She has taken this entire nonsensical aesthetic and put it together in a way so that her outfits were part of her whole performance. She could have gotten her spray tan and glam hair and foxy gown and been a stone cold stunner all night. But instead, she wanted to present kids with something totally different and mind-blowing. And that's exactly what MTV has been all about for decades.

Plus, Miley made a statement in support of LGBT kids, who very much need to see that they are recognized and loved and can be accepted. 

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And you can roll your eyes at potty-mouthed tough girl Nicki Minaj and Pop Prom Queen Taylor Swift, but they're both leading girls on a long-overdue and important empowerment trip. All that plus Kanye's "Listen to the kids, bro!" and Pharrell Williams singing to the heavens about freedom of thought and The Weeknd killing it in a ring of fire really made for what I thought was the least soulless crop of Moon Men winners in a long time.

Let's remember all of the other shocking moments in popular culture that were supposed to put the final tear in the moral fabric of the youth, like Madonna signing "Like a Virgin" and Kurt Cobain singing "Rape Me." (And my personal favorite VMAs moment was when Queen Diana Ross jiggled Lil Kim's tata. We all gasped, looked at our friends, and asked, "Can they get away with this?!")

The thing that should impress us most is that these kids can keep coming up with stuff to shock us. And I'll be watching next year with pearls firmly clutched in hand waiting to be amazed. Pink, will you please come over and watch with me so we can discuss?


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