Josh Duggar May Have a Secret Love Child With Ashley Madison Mistress

When the Ashley Madison hackers leaked the information they found, we learned a lot about the strange, twisted brain of Josh Duggar, and we keep learning more every day. Though the hackers couldn't tell us if Josh for sure had sex with women on the cheating site, the women themselves can ... and one woman is saying that not only did she have sex with Josh Duggar through Ashley Madison, but he got her pregnant.


It sounds too good to be true, I know. It might be, too -- the woman understandably decided to remain anonymous, but that means we can't verify her identity, or even whether or not she exists at all. 

But it sounds totally fake, right?? Here's what she reportedly said about all of this to InTouch, and if you're thinking it sounds totally scripted, well, you're not alone.

I freaked out because all I was thinking was, Oh my God, I'm pregnant and carrying Josh Duggar's baby ... It's the worst thing that could happen. He's a monster. I would never want a man who’s a sexual predator to be the father of my baby.

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Right, but let's do some math: Josh Duggar canceled his Ashley Madison account in May of this year, right after the molestation scandal broke. This woman is saying that when she found out she was pregnant, she already knew about Josh's scandal, but those two things couldn't really overlap unless she had sex with Josh right before he canceled is account, heard about the scandal, and then bought a pregnancy test. It's possible, but barely.

Even thinking about this too much feels like giving credit to a story that doesn't really deserve it. If this woman comes out with more info or an "M"-named baby, then we'll talk.


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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