Kylie Jenner Dyes Her Eyebrows to Match Her New Lighter Hair (PHOTO)

kylie jennerIf you think Kylie Jenner looks different right now, but you can't quite put your finger on it, I can tell you what it is. No, it isn't her blond hair -- duh, that's obvious. It's Kylie's blond eyebrows, friends. Our girl went all in on the blond thing recently ... and she looks great!


On Thursday, Kylie had a photo shoot for Elle Canada, so perhaps the blond hair is for the mag. Whatever the reason, Kylie is probably going to rock this new lighter hue for a bit -- or at least "a bit" in Kylie's world. Changing the color of your brows is a bit of a commitment!

Check out Kylie and her new eyebrows. Wow! There's a sentence I never thought I'd write!


Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? I'm usually a fan of the dark brows/light hair look, but I quite like Kylie's overall lighter look. 

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As we all know, Kylie is no stranger when it comes to changing up her hair color and style. So, it's likely that this 'do won't stick around too long. But, I say she rock it for a least another month or so -- you know, if that isn't too much to ask, Ky? It's cute! And she kind of looks a little bit like big sister Khloe. 

If there's one thing Kylie Jenner is good at, it's keeping us all on our toes with her ever-evolving look. Love her or hate her, you can't say the girl isn't just a little bit fascinating. Wonder what Kylie will pull out of her bag o' tricks next. 


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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