Kylie Jenner Compared to 'Big Ang' by Fans After Posting Snapchat Video

kylie jennerWhile getting ready for an Elle Canada photo shoot, Kylie posted a few videos to her beloved Snapchat. Sadly, though, Kylie's millions of fans didn't have many nice things to say about her look. In fact, they were telling Kylie that she looks like Big Ang from Mob Wives. Ouch!


After Kylie posted a few videos of the shoot, the rude comments started rolling in. In fact, at one point, Big Ang was even trending on Twitter! Some people, like this kind soul, posted side-by-side pics of the women to show the "similarities." Not cool. 

While I think Kylie has always been a beautiful girl and didn't need to do anything unnatural to her face, the Big Ang references seem a little ... aggressive. 

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Kylie definitely looks much different than she did in the past, but comparing her to a woman in her 50s is pretty low. That said, maybe it'll be a small nudge to Kylie to not go too crazy with the lip fillers anymore. She looks just as pretty -- if not more -- without them. 

Here's the video that set off the Big Ang firestorm:

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Poor Kylie. Regardless of what you think of her, it's incredibly rude to make such nasty comparisons. Hopefully, she wasn't fazed by the comments.

If Kylie thinks she looks good, who are we to judge? But, again, for the record, Kylie, you've always been incredibly pretty. 


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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