Pippa Middleton Is About to Torture Her Body With a Grueling Fitness Challenge

It's easy to admire Kate Middleton's little sister for her fit, trim shape (oh, the bikinis!), but you can't hate her for it, because the girl has worked hard and earned her physique. And she's at it again: Pippa Middleton is set to take part in an excruciatingly difficult swimrun that will put Pippa's athleticism to the test.


The 31-year-old British beauty is going to be one of 240 competitors in the ÖTILLÖ ("Island to Island") swimrun race in Sweden on Sept. 7. Here's what that entails (it's as scary as it sounds): She'll reportedly run 65 kilometers in a wetsuit and swim 10 kilometers in trainers with hand paddles. Pippa reportedly wrote an email to Reuters in which she described the race as "relentless":

Almost three ironman swims and one and a half marathons. Much of the running is trail running on uneven ground, hopping over rocks on the shore line, dipping in and out of bays.

It's an unusual and unique event, not for the faint hearted, and I was taken by the idea of competing in the stunning surroundings. ÖTILLÖ has an edge to it that stands out above other endurance races.

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Pippa is no stranger to athletic challenges and has already made her love of tennis, running, and skiing well-known. But this latest endeavor is going to be a real doozy — apparently, it takes a whopping 8-12 hours to complete!

Prince George and Princess Charlotte's aunt receives so much attention for her body that it's really great to know the healthy ways she is achieving that body are getting as much press. Young girls need know they shouldn't starve themselves to be fit — nor is plastic surgery the golden ticket. Pippa is showing the world that proper nutrition and exercise are the keys to health and beauty.


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