Kate Middleton & Prince William Might Be Having Marital Trouble -- Queen Elizabeth Is Not Amused

There may be another, much sadder explanation for why Kate Middleton has been MIA and skipping out on friends' weddings and other social functions: Rumor has it Kate and Prince Will are having marital problems and that no other than Queen Elizabeth has summoned them to her Scotland estate for mediation.


The Queen has reportedly demanded that her grandson and his wife attend an emergency meeting at Balmoral Castle to discuss Kate's absence from several royal events, as well as what some are saying could be a rift in their marriage.

We already know Queen Elizabeth has reportedly shared her thoughts on what she feels is Kate's laziness, so I can't imagine (if this rumor is true) that the Duchess of Cambridge is looking forward to traveling north with her family to be chewed out by the Queen. While the official reason for their trip to Scotland is to celebrate the Queen's becoming the longest reigning monarch, some sources claim that's just an excuse and that the real reason is to address Kate's sudden disappearance from the public eye.

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Apparently, this isn't the first time the Queen has gotten involved in their marriage. In 2014, she reportedly held a meeting in Scotland after Kate moved into her parents' home for a month while she was pregnant with Charlotte and suffering from terrible morning sickness.

I really don't know what to make of this. I find it easy to believe that the demands of their position in the royal family, coupled with the birth of their second child, may be contributing to extra stress in Kate and Will's relationship. But, unless the Queen is attempting to shield them from a Princess Diana/Prince Charles fate, I can't imagine why she would get mixed up in this. Or what words of wisdom she has to impart. Then again, she's the longest reigning monarch for a good reason. If the Queen of England can't convince you to save your marriage, who can?


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