14 Misbehaving Celebrities We Can't Stop Watching (PHOTOS)

Sometimes we see it coming and we just can’t look away. When a star implodes -- like many celebs do -- we’re eager to soak up every detail about his or her downward spiral. Public breakups, the constant pressure of stardom, weird personalities, and other factors cause celebrities to behave badly, racking up DUIs, drug arrests, and, even sometimes, a rebel streak of rambling on incoherently about things no one else can understand (we're talking to you, Kanye).


Watching Hollywood darlings, TV stars, and the mighty of music come unglued reminds us they’re people just like us, trapped in a world where the cameras are always rolling, capturing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Check out these 14 misbehaving celebrities whom we can't seem to stop watching. 


Image © PGFM/MediaPunch/Corbis