14 Misbehaving Celebrities We Can't Stop Watching (PHOTOS)

Nanci Theoret | Sep 4, 2015 Celebrities
14 Misbehaving Celebrities We Can't Stop Watching (PHOTOS)

Sometimes we see it coming and we just can’t look away. When a star implodes -- like many celebs do -- we’re eager to soak up every detail about his or her downward spiral. Public breakups, the constant pressure of stardom, weird personalities, and other factors cause celebrities to behave badly, racking up DUIs, drug arrests, and, even sometimes, a rebel streak of rambling on incoherently about things no one else can understand (we're talking to you, Kanye).

Watching Hollywood darlings, TV stars, and the mighty of music come unglued reminds us they’re people just like us, trapped in a world where the cameras are always rolling, capturing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Check out these 14 misbehaving celebrities whom we can't seem to stop watching. 


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  • Lindsay Lohan


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    She was America's girl-next-door in The Parent Trap and Mean Girls until two DUI arrests in 2007. Three rehab visits, a relationship with girlfriend Samantha Ronson, a 2012 reckless driving arrest, jail time and probation violations keep  LiLo in the tabloid headlines. She was recently photographed stumbling onto her yacht in St. Tropez. Will it ever end?


  • Kanye West


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    The rapper showed his you-know-what long before be became a Kardashian. Since infamously snatching the mic from a then 19-year-old Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, whenever KW shows up on live TV we wait with baited breath for his latest rant. He never disappoints, declaring his candidacy for president during the recent 2015 VMAs. 

  • Amanda Bynes


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    From claiming she invented LOL, throwing a bong from the window of her apartment, shaving her head and arrests for driving under the influence of drugs, the former Nickelodeon star just can't seem to get her act together -- even after last year's involuntary commitment by her parents.


  • Paris Hilton


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    It seems just yesterday we watched as the poor little sobbing hotel heiress was ordered back to jail in June 2007 after serving just five days of a 45-day sentence for violating her probation in an earlier reckless driving case. A compassionate sheriff had released Hilton early citing medical concerns, but the judge didn’t buy it and Paris returned to jail.

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  • The Kardashians


    Image Nick Saglimbeni/kimkardashian.celebuzz.com

    The family is famous for baby daddy drama, ex-boyfriends and husbands, including Kim's 72-day marriage to the NBA's Kris Humphries; stepdad Bruce Jenner's recent gender transformation to Caitlyn Jenner; brother Rob's weight control issues and disappearing acts; former Khloe hubby Lamar Odom's drug addiction; big sis Kourtney's public battles with baby daddy Scott Disick; lil' sis Kylie's overly sexed social media posts; and more. We just can't keep up.


  • Charlie Sheen


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    Rumors of alcohol and drug abuse and domestic violence were but a build-up to Sheen's epic 2011 meltdown following his firing from Two and a Half Men. The actor took to rooftops and talk shows declaring himself a "warlock" with "tiger blood" and forever associating himself with "winning." (Whatever all that means.) 


  • Justin Bieber


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    Look out when the Bieb gets behind the wheel. The Canadian teen idol has racked up a DUI and reckless and dangerous driving charges -- the latter resulting in a physical altercation. And how can we forget him egging his neighbor's home in California? Classic Biebs.

  • Alec Baldwin


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    The bitter divorce battle between Baldwin and ex Kim Basinger is the stuff of Hollywood marriages gone extremely bad, but the former 30 Rock star amped up his temper tantrum when he left a voice message for then-tween daughter Ireland calling her a "rude, ruthless pic." He also went ballistic with reporters in November 2013 after MSNBC pulled the plug on Up Late with Alec Baldwin after less than a month on air. Finally, he's been in more fights with paparazzi than just about any celebrity.

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  • Naomi Campbell


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    From threatening to kill a group of fellow catwalkers and hurling a cellphone at a maid to assaulting her driver from the backseat and kicking and spitting at police, Campbell has proven herself the Queen of Mean with a very short fuse. 

  • Paula Abdul


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    Let's put it this way: It's news when the former American Idol judge doesn't have an emotional breakdown. As one headline so succintly put it: "Another Day, Another Paula Abdul Meltdown."

  • Bill Cosby


    Image © S Fernandez/Splash News/Corbis

    Who'd have ever thunk loveable Cliff Huxtable was anything but the father of the year? More women continue to step forward with allegations of sexual assault against Cosby, some incidents dating back 45 years.

  • Ben Affleck


    Image © Mario Anzuoni/Reuters/Corbis

    Since Jen Garner walked out on him amid rumors he was diddling the nanny, Ben Affleck seems to be spiraling downward -- fast. Or is he? Some reports say Affleck's inability to control his vices -- women, alcohol and gambling -- returned with a vengence during the last few years of the couple's 10-year marriage.

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  • Chris Brown


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    Brown's woes with women continue: Former girlfriend Karrueche Tran called the cops after a very public screaming match in June 2015 that included Brown trying to beat down her door. Cue the social media battle. Brown is also involved in an extended custody battle with ex Nia Guzman, and there's rumors he only has eyes for Rhianna. They split in 2009 after Brown assualted Ri-Ri, was ordered to stay away and performed 1,400 hours of community service.

  • Miley Cyrus


    Image © via Splash News/Splash News/Corbis

    The former Disney star continues to shuck her wholesome Hannah Montana alter ego. From bringing twerking to the mainstream during her eye-opening and racy performance at the 2013 MTV VMAs, social media pics that show her smoking pot, and more, Miley constantly keeps us guessing. Her weird behavior as she hosted the 2015 VMAs did not help matters. Let's just say the barely there clothes and constant cursing were not very ladylike. 


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