See Angelina Jolie Steal the Show in Acting Class When She Was Just 25 (VIDEO)

Hey, want to see Angelina Jolie in an acting class when she was 25 years old? Of course you do! A newly unearthed video shows the mom of six working on her technique just before she was cast in the Oscar-winning role of patient Lisa Rowe in Girl, Interrupted. You can see the alchemy of talent and effort working its magic already.


In the video Jolie plays out a conflict with another woman, and she seems to be the dominant one. (No surprise there!) Her character is sure is twisted -- she tells her fellow actress, "I want to hurt you" over and over again, changing the delivery just a bit every time.

Okay, Angelina Jolie wants to hurt us. Duly noted! Can we run away, now? She was pretty darn scary even back then.

Jolie also does some juicy crying -- and at other moments breaks down into easy laughter. As unrefined as this workshop performance is, Jolie seems to give it her full focus and effort. Maybe it's because we're more familiar with her face than the others, but her charisma outshines her costar like crazy.

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According to the Daily Mail, after the scene, Jolie's acting coach tells her, "I thought your eyes were wonderful. I especially like the movement in the scene for you. Something was really connected."

Hinting at the star power we would all soon see the coach added, "I felt for you a real sense of style. You didn't allow it to just keep going from there, you changed it lots of times. You found the humor and you found that and you took the scene in different directions."

Jolie must have taken that last piece of feedback seriously, because I think that's what made her portrayal of Rowe in Girl, Interrupted so effective. She could have played that role straight-tragic. But Jolie seems to have a gift for finding the dark humor that simmers beneath troubled characters, all the way up to Maleficent.

Jolie seems pretty nonchalant about her performance, saying, "It felt pretty good, different and funny. It was interesting." 

We're not sure why this video has surfaced at this time. It must be to promote something -- these things rarely happen randomly. But whatever the reasons, it's amazing to watch the star you know back when she was a baby-faced aspiring actress.


Image via Photo Image Press / Splash News

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