Kim Kardashian & Caitlyn Jenner Address the Rumored Family Feud Between Them

Rumors are circulating that the Kardashian sisters sat Caitlyn Jenner down for an intervention to put the kibosh on her diva behavior. But according to reps for both Kim and Kate, the buzz is 100 percent false, which serves as yet another reminder that we can't always believe every report we see.


The "intervention" of sorts was originally mentioned in a RadarOnline piece delving into the resentment Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney were feeling in regard to Cait's Vanity Fair cover. The sisters were allegedly peeved that their stepdad had thrown mom Kris Jenner under the bus when he claimed she was a "distraction" of sorts before Caitlyn was ready to make the transition to become a woman.

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But Caitlyn's flack says the story is "completely untrue," and Kim's rep also labeled the piece "false."

I can completely understand why the Kardashian girls might feel protective over Kris and have some harsh words for Caitlyn over the contents of the Vanity Fair article, but a diva intervention seems way far-fetched, especially coming from these three. You would think they would appreciate Caitlyn's spotlight prowess. After all, game respects game, right?

I'm also really happy to hear there's no bad blood between this brood. I would hate to see them fall apart when they really need each other the most.


Image via Photographer Group/Splash News

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