Palace Insider Speaks Out on Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumors

While standing at the grocery store checkout line this week, you may have noticed the cover of Star magazine making a very exciting announcement about Kate Middleton and her third pregnancy. Don't send her baby gifts just yet — sources reportedly confirmed to Gossip Cop that the Duchess of Cambridge is not pregnant (yet). 


Even though Princess Charlotte is barely 4 months old, many media sites have been extremely eager to break the "news" that Kate is already pregnant with the royal couple's third child. Star reportedly claimed that a royal "insider" confirmed she is due with their next child in April or early May and that the reason she has missed so many engagements recently is because she's suffering from morning sickness.

It didn't take long for Gossip Cop to challenge the rumor. A palace insider reportedly told the site the duchess is definitely not pregnant and there is zero truth to the story.

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The main reason for this rumor seems to be because Kate has skipped out on weddings that Prince Will has had to attend solo. It's almost as if everyone has forgotten how exhausting it is to care for two very small children. Kate is as hands-on a mom as a royal can possibly be, and instead of criticizing her choices, we should praise her for putting family first at this time.

I'd love to find out she's pregnant again — in the future. But let's allow her to recover fully from her second pregnancy and get used to the idea of being a mom of two before we jump overboard.


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