Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger Are Splitting Up & We Can’t Take Any More

As much as it pains me, I feel it's my duty as a blogger to inform you all of yet another celeb breakup: Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are separating after two years of marriage. Lavigne announced the split this afternoon via an Instagram post.


Et tu, Avril? Et tu? Noooo, we can't take another split this summer!

Lavigne was gracious in her post, saying, "Through not only the marriage, but the music as well, we've created many unforgettable moments." She thanks friends, family, and fans for their support and vows that she and Kroeger will remain the best of friends. Well, at least it sound like the split is amicable.

Divorce rumors about Lavigne and Kroeger were swirling a year ago. Sources said they were fighting and both were supposedly flirting with others. And then we all moved on with our lives and forgot because they didn't split up at the time.

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But then! Lavigne revealed that she had Lyme disease. She was bedridden for months while Kroeger was on tour, and she said he could only "check in" with her occasionally while her mother took care of her. Oh man, is that what did it?

Are they splitting up because he wasn't there for her during the early throes of her illness? What happened to "in sickness and in health"? Did she come to resent Kroeger for choosing his career over nursing her? Did she tell him, "No, go on, do your tour" all while secretly seething that he actually went ahead with that tour? Did he leave because they weren't getting along anyway? What??? 

I guess we'll never know ... unless she writes a song or memoir about it. But we're sad that Lavigne endured a terrible illness and the demise of her marriage in the same year. We hope she heals from both.

Meanwhile, did you hear Lagivne's ex-husband Deryck Whibley just married Ariana Cooper? SIGH.


Image via MSA/Splash News

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