Miley Cyrus’s Family’s Reaction to Nicki Minaj’s VMAs Shade Is So Appropriate (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj shared an awkward moment of conflict onstage at the VMAs this year. They'll both survive. But how did daddy Billy Ray Cyrus feel about the whole thing? You have to see the entire Cyrus family respond to the VMAs kerfuffle.


It was all caught on camera, and we could probably sum it all with a big "Whaaaaa???" Sounds like they were just as caught off guard as we were and didn't even register what Minaj said until Miley sounded off. Then, sister Noah and half-brother Braison kept staring straight ahead, nonplussed. But stepmom Tish first exchanged shocked looks with the girls sitting in front of her, then appeared to mouth "Oh my God" to her husband.

As for Billy Ray, he smiled and snapped a photo with his phone (he was subtle about it -- you almost can't tell). Eh, all in a day's work for his little girl.

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I'm sure the incident made at least some of Cyrus's family uncomfortable. But I'm not all that surprised by Billy Ray's response. Hasn't he seen it all before -- and worse -- when it comes to Miley? He knows how she courts controversy. Heck, Minaj's calling her a "bitch" onstage is relatively mild compared with what else he's heard people call his daughter.

Not that he doesn't care -- I'm sure he does. I think what this really speaks to is his faith in her resilience. Maybe he snapped a photo to show her later, just for a little quarterbacking. "Now Miley, the next time this happens, what's your strategy?"

Anyway, here's the Cyrus family watching their girl get dissed on national television.



Image via London Entertainment/Splash News

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