Jessa Duggar Turns Against Brother Josh in One Harsh Tweet

Though a few of Josh Duggar's family members have said publicly that they're "saddened" by Josh's actions, no one in his immediate family had denounced his actions ... until now. Jessa is the first Duggar to publicly rebuke Josh, and she wasn't very shy about it.


She must have figured that there was no point in using her own words when she could borrow her father-in-law's, and that what she did -- she shared a link to Michael Seewald's blog post about Josh.

The post itself is pretty harsh, though Michael seems to take more offense with the fact that Josh is a Christian who would do these things, instead about how awful the things he did were. 

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I understand that timing is a factor, but doesn't it seem strange that Jessa would turn on Josh in this moment instead of when he molested her when she was underage? Cheating is terrible, but to me, it doesn't seem nearly as bad as what he did when he was younger -- except, of course, that he was older and supposedly wiser when this second scandal happened.

Other than Jessa's "statement" (can we call it that?), we've only heard from Michelle, Jim Bob, and Jill. Josh's parents said that their hearts were broken at the news, and Jill recognized that it's been a hard time for her family ... but she didn't share anything about her feelings.

It did take Jessa a couple of weeks to speak up, though, so maybe we'll hear from the other Duggars soon -- it will be interesting to hear what they have to say.


Image via jessaseewald/Instagram

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