Gisele Bundchen May Have Taken One Scary Step Closer to Divorce

Fall is almost here but it looks like one more couple just might squeak in another breakup in the Summer of Celeb Splits after all. Sources tell Us magazine that Gisele Bundchen is still threatening to leave Tom Brady. But now she's gone and consulted a divorce lawyer.


Apparently the tensions between the golden couple stem from Deflategate, when the New England Patriots were rumored to have deliberately deflated footballs in order to help them win a playoff game. Ever since Brady was hit with a four-game suspension in May, "Tom’s become very nasty and irritable and started acting out on her," a source close to Brady says.

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The couple didn't spend their summer birthdays together this year. As for Bundchen consulting a divorce attorney, "Tom thinks it’s only a threat," the source says. "But this is definitely a rough patch."

If it's a rough patch, the couple sure are working to cover up any evidence of that. They're still sharing their Boston apartment, and Bundchen traveled to New York to support Brady at his Deflategate hearing. They were seen holding hands.

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We hope they make it! No one wants to see another breakup anytime soon. It's challenges like these, when one or both of you is in deep trouble, that test a couple's strength. It's easy to have a happy marriage when everything is fine and you're winning. If Bundchen and Brady can get through this and stay together they'll be a whole lot stronger for it.

But if Brady really is taking out his Deflategate tension on his wife, she's right to push back. That is NOT okay. You don't get through a tough situation like that just by being understanding and taking someone's abuse. You still need to demand that they treat you with respect.

I'm sure it must be a terrible shock for someone like Brady to face accusations and a suspension. He's used to praise and adulation and winning. But a strong man can take his medicine without hurting the people he loves. I guess we'll see what kind of man the football star is soon enough.


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