Kylie Jenner's New Blonde Hair Makes Her Look a Lot Like Khloe (PHOTO)

Many women look to autumn for style and beauty inspiration — the gorgeous foliage and crisp air leads us straight into the arms of our hairstylists, who are only too eager to darken our locks or add a bit more red or brown to light, beachy hair. Not Kylie Jenner — who instead went blonde to celebrate the upcoming season.


Kylie, 18, is known for two beauty traits: her lips and her chameleon hair, which has seen every hue from blue to pink to her natural shade of soft black. But her latest color change is one we associate more with her big sisters Khloe and Kim: She's officially a blonde!

The youngest member of the family took to Insragram to post this photo of her incredible mane, which she calls "an ashy dirty blonde." Apparently, she has been prepping her hair for months in order to achieve this shade, but her work was well worth it:

Wow. To be fair, this isn't the first time Kylie has been blonde — she sported a very light platinum shade at one point — but I'd say she is tipping her hat to Khloe right now by trying out a hue that very closely resembles her big sister's glam, California blonde babe look.

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Kylie looks fantastic with every hair color, but this one impresses me most because it's so drastically different from the Cleopatra-inspired look she rocked just a few nights ago at the MTV Video Music Awards — which was obviously a wig, right? It's also glossy and healthy looking, which isn't easy to achieve when you're bleaching your hair from darkest brown to a much lighter blonde.

Unless ... is this actually nothing more than a blonde wig? She must be wearing extensions because her hair isn't that long, but now I can't help but question whether the color is real, as well.

I'll give Kylie this: A true hair chameleon always keeps us guessing — I think it's safe to say she fits that description.


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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