Josh Duggar Reportedly Hasn't Been Going to Rehab This Whole Time

Every time some new Josh Duggar–related information comes out, I'm sure it will be the last of it. Like, rehab? What could have possibly come after Josh checking into rehab, I ask you? Well, this, apparently: Josh Duggar has reportedly not been showing up to his rehab meetings. Because of course.


After Josh announced that he was checking himself into rehab, the Duggars' private plane was spotted in Rockford, Illinois. People did the math and figured that Josh checked into Reformers Unanimous, which makes sense -- it's a Christian treatment facility, and Jim Bob and Michelle have publicly endorsed it.

So that's fine and dandy, but Radar Online reported that eyewitnesses saw a group from Reformers Unanimous heading to North Love Baptist Church for a mandatory meeting. One guess for who was missing from the van.

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The facility requires its members to attend church services at North Love twice on Sundays, but according to people at the services, Josh didn't show up to either. 

It could mean that we were wrong about the facility Josh went to, or it could mean that Josh is as slimy as we originally thought, and managed to slip out of these responsibilities. 

I'm thinking the latter, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


Image via joshduggar/Instagram

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