Jennifer Garner Finally Ditches Her Ring & Looks Like She's on Cloud 9 (PHOTOS)

Whoa, we haven't seen this chick looking this happy in quite some time. But Jennifer Garner has ditched her wedding ring, and she looks happier than ever out and about the town, taking care of herself and her kids.


After months of speculation about her 10-year marriage with Ben Affleck being over, their eventual split announcement, and then the whole fiasco with the nanny and their rumored affair ... well, it's been a rough year for Jen, and we don't blame her a bit.

But take a look at her now! This was taken over the weekend, when she took Seraphina, 6, to Color Me Mine in Santa Monica.

And the best part? She is sans ring! Previous reports indicated that Garner and Affleck were still planning to live together, for the sake of the kids, you know. They even vacationed together right after announcing the split. And she's been keeping her ring on.

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But not anymore! Trust me, I've been there, and taking that ring off when you've been trapped in a miserable marriage for longer than you even want to admit to yourself can feel like removing a shackle around your heart.

Here she is again over the weekend, at the farmers' market. Clearly ring-less. Clearly happy.

This one is especially awesome given that one of the last outings Jen and Ben had as a couple was a miserable-looking one to the farmers' market.

Dude. She is practically singing in this one. And she's running errands. She is this dang happy, running freaking errands.

There a certain liberation that happens when you finally toss your wedding ring in the f*ck-it bucket along with your crappy marriage, and make the decision to move on and be the best person you can be, and the best parent to your children.

It's freeing. It's giddy. It's like life starting all over again. Clearly, Jen is there.


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