Kate Middleton Is Finally Coming Out of 'Hiding' Thanks to Queen Elizabeth

She better get her royal wave ready, because Kate Middleton has been summoned to attend Queen Elizabeth's celebration of being England's longest-serving monarch -- by the woman of the hour herself.


We frequently hear about the Queen's disappointment in Kate's lack of public appearances, but apparently she's not standing for it on September 9, when the entire royal family gathers for a dinner in honor of her impressive accomplishment.

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For the record, the Queen has held the throne for a whopping 63 years and 213 days. It's safe to say she has all the right to make Kate's attendance at the dinner mandatory.

I would love to be a fly on the wall of this dinner. Are Prince George and Princess Charlotte also invited? Is there a kids' table? One thing we know for certain is that Prince Charles isn't expected to attend, as he has a prior engagement that has been approved by the Queen.

At the very least, I'm excited to see what Kate will wear to the big night. I totally get why she's been keeping a low profile since the birth of Princess Charlotte, but I do miss her killer fashion at public appearances.


Image via WeirPhotos.com/Splash News

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