Kate Middleton Is Being Criticized for the Way She's Raising Prince George & Princess Charlotte

Kate Middleton just can't catch a break among royal watchers. Not only does Queen Elizabeth allegedly refer to her as the "Duchess of Do-Little," but now others are criticizing her for shielding Prince George and Princess Charlotte from the limelight.


According to an article in the Gloucester Citizen, a "devoted royal fan" says Kate is underserving her children by keeping them out of the public eye.

Lisa Smith, the aforementioned "royal fan," said:

It's a shame that we haven't seen Princess Charlotte since the christening. You could tell by the way George was looking around that he wasn't used to the crowds or the press. I think the children need to be in the press more. (Princess) Diana made sure her children were seen so they got used to the limelight. They are going to be in the public eye as the grow up so I think they need to get used to it.
While I get where Lisa's coming from, you can hardly blame Kate for wanting to keep her kiddos away from the prying eyes of the paparazzi and the public at large. Yes, many folks might be true well-wishers, but others might be more than happy to pick the children apart if they act like normal kids (i.e., have a meltdown or don't meet the behavior standards people believe to befit royalty).
You just never know what goes on behind closed doors, and I hardly think Kate is becoming a recluse. I think she's just trying to build a life for her children that's as close to a "normal" one as possible. And while all of the blame is being pointed at her, who's to say that Prince William hasn't asked that she keep the children at home more often than not? Seeing as he's someone who grew up in this type of environment, you'd think he would know how best to handle the situation.
Essentially my two cents are this: Everyone needs to back off this young family. They're doing the best they can!
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