Kylie Jenner & Tyga Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other in New 'Stimulated' Video

kylie jennerEver since she turned 18, Kylie Jenner has been super open about her relationship with rapper Tyga. However, the couple took things to a new level recently when Kylie appeared in Tyga's video for "Stimulated." And holy hotness, the pair get awfully steamy in the vid!


As far as videos (and songs) go, I wouldn't exactly call this a masterpiece. But, being that Kylie and Tyga make out in it, it's certainly garnering a lot of attention. Check it out:

Thoughts? If you peruse some of the comments after the video, you'll see that, overall, the video and song didn't really go over well with fans. "Make your own beats worst rapper ever," one commenter wrote. While another one said, "Is no one going to talk about how he ruined a classic song...?"

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I'm definitely not the biggest fan of this video, but I will say, I appreciate the fact that Kylie and Tyga didn't go overboard with their making out and general steaminess, which is probably what everyone expected them to do. Way to keep it classy, guys. 

But, that said, I don't think this song will be making into my iTunes rotation. #sorrytyga


Image via TygaVEVO/YouTube

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