Kris Jenner Meets Caitlyn Jenner in Person for the First Time & It's Unnerving (VIDEO)

The moment many of us have been eagerly awaiting (and at the same time dreading) is finally upon us: footage of Caitlyn Jenner meeting ex-wife Kris Jenner for the first time is out and has us looking forward to the next episode of I Am Cait.


Caitlyn, 65, has had to confront a great deal of her past since her transformation. In addition to handling her children's expectations of who should she be and becoming more comfortable with her new identity as a woman, Caitlyn also felt the time had come to sit down across a table from Kris and air their grievances.

Before they met up at Caitlyn's Malibu digs, the former couple hadn't reportedly spoken for months. Kris hadn't even seen her ex dressed as a woman. Judging by Caitlyn's conversation with friends, you can tell the former Olympian is nervous and not looking forward to this confrontation. After revealing to them that the 59-year-old matriarch hasn't called her in a year, Caitlyn then picks up the phone and invites Kris over.

It's hard to gauge Kris's reaction from these few seconds, but she looks amused and bewildered — I can't honestly say I'd know how to react if I were in her shoes.

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Over the past few weeks, tensions have been mounting on the docuseries as Caitlyn comes to heads with several key people in her life, most notably Khloe and Kim, who aren't happy about the way their stepdad trashed their mom in Vanity Fair.

So much has been written about Kris since Caitlyn came out, but she has more or less kept quiet about the whole thing. It's only fair that she be allowed to have a voice. She and Caitlyn were married for more than 20 years — she has the right to feel shock, betrayal, anger, and hurt as she learns to accept this new reality. I hope, after they've yelled and cried, Caitlyn and Kris can become friends.


Image via E! Entertainment / YouTube

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