New Theory Claims Kanye West Is Not North West's Dad -- It Isn't As Strange As It Sounds

kim kardashianStrange conspiracy theories seem to go hand in hand with the Kardashian family, but this most recent one could be the most bizarre yet. It's currently being reported that Kanye West isn't really North's father. Fans are speculating that North's real daddy is Olivier Rousteing, the sexy French designer behind Kim Kardashian's favorite label, Balmain.


It sounds a little nuts, but when you see his childhood photo -- it looks exactly like North.

Rousteing posted a photo of an article in British Vogue which featured a picture of him as a child. And, while I feel fairly confident that Kanye really is North's father, Rousteing really looks like North here. 

Kind of crazy, right? If I didn't know any better, I'd actually think this was North. It's a pretty uncanny resemblance.

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For the most part, North does seem to look like her mother more, but you can definitely see some of Kanye in her, as well -- and it would truly be the shock of the century if he wasn't her father. Think what you want of them, but Kim and Kanye certainly seem like the real deal.

But, man, this is seriously weird. Maybe somehow Rousteing and Kim are distantly related? That's a possibility ... right?


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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