Scott Disick Caught Partying With Kylie Jenner -- As He Should Be

kylie jennerWhile Kourtney Kardashian is home with her three kids and taking emo selfies with baby Reign, her ex Scott Disick is off partying with her sister Kylie Jenner. Yes, you read that right. Kylie and her boyfriend Tyga were getting their groove on with Scott at West Hollywood nightclub 1 OAK. What does this mean?


This is a good thing. For Scott, at least. We can really read into what was going on here.

Hollywood is small -- celebrity speaking. The rich and famous have their cool places they frequent and they are bound to run into people they know. Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez were there, too. Scott and Kylie didn't ignore each other -- how could they? Scott is the father of her sister's kids. No matter what happens, he is still "family." And so I'm really glad they were friendly, but it could be that Scott is trying (once again) to win back Kourtney.

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At the club, Scott and Kylie chatted and laughed -- and there wasn't a bevy of scantily clad women surrounding Disick (this time). He was chill and mostly only spoke to Kylie. In other words: He was on his best behavior. And he wanted that information to get back to the mother of his kids.

I can just imagine the text messages between Kylie and Kourt that night.

Kylie: The Lord is here. lololol

Kourt: *eyeroll* I'm ready to shove a taco up his ass. He's so annoying.

Kylie: He is bugging me to try on my sunglasses. He's acting like my BFF, as if.

Kourt: Gross.

Kylie: He wants me to tell you he loves you.

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I totally just made that up, but stranger texts have been exchanged by those sisters, I'm sure. It's very possible Scott wanted to seem like a good guy, just out with his pals having fun. No looking to hook up with anyone. Maybe that means his display in front of Kylie is so Kourt would know he's worthy of being taken back. 

No matter the reason, at least Scott was being respectful. Hey, people can change!


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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