Josh Duggar's Family Hopes That He 'Gets Broken' In Rehab

It's about time. Members of Josh Duggar's family have reportedly come forward to share their feelings on his ugly cheating scandal, and they were less than supportive of the disgraced former reality star. It's not clear if these sources are Josh's siblings, as they've chosen to remain anonymous, but they identified as family members, and are questioning their whole history with him.


"We are all shocked and broken and furious," one Duggar family member admitted. "Who did we spend Christmases with? Who have we grown up with? Who is this person? This is supposed to be a happy time, and there is a dark cloud over our family."

"Josh's integrity is gone," they continued. "It's scary. You never know who can have a double life. You really think you know someone. Josh was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and I hope he gets broken in rehab and gets the help he needs. I hope Anna finds the strength to make some changes."

Could it be? Is someone in the Duggar family is sticking up for Anna, and suggesting that she make changes? What kind of changes? Some of her siblings have suggested that she leave him, but this would be the first time one of his family members suggested something similar.

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But they're totally spot-on about Josh needing to be broken. I'm sure he's feeling the shame of having been caught right now, but he hasn't had time to really process what a cad he was, and how it badly it affected everyone's lives around him.

Another Duggar family member added, "My heart is broken over this ... I hope and pray Josh gets the help he needs. I believe he is getting that help. We had no idea about any of this. We love our family and we are praying for Josh. Thank you for all the prayers and support of all the friends and fans."

Hopefully Josh can get better. But that doesn't mean it won't have to get a whole lot worse for him before he can.


Image via Dugarfam/Instagram

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