Miley Cyrus Says Robin Thicke Wanted Her 'as Naked as Possible' During Their Raunchy VMA Performance

In the days before she's set to host the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley Cyrus is opening up about that infamous performance with Robin Thicke two years ago. In case you need a refresher, that was when the former Disney pop princess stripped down to nearly nothing and twerked the "Blurred Lines" singer's crotch.


There was also a foam finger involved.

Anyway, Miley talked to the New York Times recently about the flack she got from the general public about that jaw-dropping show, and she's actually pretty spot-on. After calling the moment "liberating," the 22-year-old said that she was surprised that she was the one targeted, when it was Thicke's performance that caused the ruckus.

"I didn't really know [Robin] too much before, and I don't really know him now," Cyrus said. "It was funny, because I got so much of the heat for it, but that's just being a woman. He acted like he didn't know that was going to happen. You were in rehearsals! You knew exactly what was going to happen."

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At the time, sources claimed that Paula Patton's ex-husband was upset with Miley for "going too far" and also for "highjack[ing] the performance."

Miley wants the record set straight about that though. "And he was actually the one that approved my outfit, so I thought that was very funny," Cyrus confessed. "He wanted me as naked as possible, because that’s how his video was. It was very much a collaboration. My part -- 'We Can't Stop' -- was all me. But when it went into 'Blurred Lines,' that was his performance."

Given what we know about Robin Thicke now, are we really that surprised? And good for Miley pointing out the double standard for women in Hollywood. Men can be raunchy and mimic sex onstage, and no one bats an eyelash ... because it's obviously the woman who is just way too promiscuous.

Miley said even people she was close to judged her for the performance. "People around me really judged me. People that I really loved and thought were my friends judged me for it," she revealed. "They were like, 'You were on drugs when you did that performance.' I did nothing! I still don’t get it."

Even with all the negative publicity, she wouldn't take it back. "I still love it. But I now watch it, and I see someone that isn’t me now," she confessed. "I knew who I was, and I knew the power that I held, but I don’t think I realized my full power until that show. I didn't realize I could make such a big reaction. I didn't think that many people would care. I knew I was famous, but I didn't know what that meant. Everything was coming to an end and starting a new beginning. In every way."

It's going to be interesting to see what she comes up with as the host of this year's show. Tune in Sunday Night on MTV.


Image via Brian Prahl/Splash News

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