Amy Schumer & Jennifer Lawrence Hijack Billy Joel's Concert With a Piano-Top Can-Can (VIDEO)

We've known for a while that Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer have spent this summer bonding over friendship bracelets and Jet Ski rides, and finally (finally!) we've reached peak proof that the two are BFFs for life -- Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence danced together on Billy Joel's piano during his concert last night. Can we resurrect #squadgoals just for this?


We don't know whose idea this was and we don't know how much alcohol was involved, but we do know for sure that JLaw and ASchu (no? Just trying it out) climbed onto Billy's piano -- presumably with his permission -- and boogeyed down to "Uptown Girls." They did the twist AND the can-can, so presumably this was at least somewhat thought out. Also, they rehearsed it.

You can't watch the whole thing, but here are several different angles. This first one is my personal favorite because Jennifer takes the time to lick Amy's foot. I don't know why either.

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Here's that can-can I was talking about:

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The other people up there with them are Kim Caramele (Amy's sister -- imagine) and Kyle Dunnigan, a writer on Inside Amy Schumer

No one really knows why this all happened or at what point Amy Schumer and Billy Joel became such great friends, but it presumably has something to do with the song's role in Trainwreck. If you don't understand what I'm talking about, then you should see Trainwreck immediately to see Amy's coordinated dance routine to "Uptown Girl" in its entirety. It's wonderful.

Or not. This is fine for now:


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