People Reveal What They Think About Miley Cyrus ... to an Undercover Miley Cyrus (VIDEO)

You have to hand it to this girl for her bravery! And not just for being naked as often as possible, either. Miley Cyrus went undercover as a reporter to ask people on the streets of Los Angeles what they thought of her.


The pop star was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! just days before she takes the stage to host the MTV VMA Awards. Miley dressed up as an Australian reporter, complete with a brown wig and way more clothing than she normally wears.

Using an Aussie accent, Cyrus proceeded to interview people on the street about what they thought about Miley Cyrus hosting the show, and even what they thought of her in general.

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The results were pretty funny, especially as Miley struggled to remember her own father's name, twerked with some passersby, and even heard from one person that they like Taylor Swift better. Ouch!

The controversial star certainly has her loyal fans, but it's obvious from this clip that there are others who don't mind questioning her antics. It must have been hard for hear this comment in particular: "I think she's starving for attention, she's missing something somewhere. The whole fabric of America's falling apart and she's not doing anything to help!"

Then again, Miley isn't exactly one to care about what people think of her.


Image via Jimmy Kimmel Live!/YouTube

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