Lindsay Lohan's Parents Are Dragging Her Back Into the Spotlight With New Reality TV Show

Lindsay Lohan is back in the news, and once again, it's because of her parents' antics. Michael and Dina Lohan have signed up for another reality show, and it looks like it may be a disaster waiting to happen. The divorced parents of four will appear on a new VH1 series, Family Therapy With Dr. Jenn.


Yes, Couples Therapy fans -- this is a spin-off. Only this time, Dr. Jenn Mann will attempt to help families deal with their issues and emotional baggage, rather than couples.

There's no word on whether Lilo, her model sister Ali, or their other siblings will make an appearance, but given the history of the Lohan parents, there should be more than enough to work through. And while this divorced couple could probably benefit from some intensive therapy, maybe doing it on national TV isn't such a great idea.

Is it any wonder that Linds has developed a need for attention over the years with parents like this? The family has enough dirty laundry without airing even more of it.

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The two had an incredibly bitter divorce that almost made Jon and Kate Gosselin's look amicable in comparison. Their kids have been dragged through the mud, and Dina accused Michael of abuse. Enough is enough already. 

As for Lindsay on coping with her parents, she should take some advice from her Georgia Rule character, and just try to survive it.


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