Princess Charlotte Receives Most Adorable Gift -- We Can't Wait to See Her Wear It (PHOTO)

We're sure Princess Charlotte's wardrobe is quite impressive already, even though the beautiful royal infant is just 3 months old. But she's about to become the trendiest member of her family — when a Canadian bagpipe band visited Queen Elizabeth, they gave Charlotte an adorable plaid gift that we can't wait to see her wear.


One of the members of the Sons of Scotland Pipe Band, which has been visiting the Queen's Balmoral Castle summer residence for three years now, reportedly made a red plaid pinafore dress in a "Maple Leaf" tartan that matches their Scottish theme for Charlotte and presented it to the Queen.

Gift-giving is a bit of a tradition for them — in 2013, they gave little George a plaid kilt. Two years prior to that, they greeted Kate Middleton with a Maple Leaf fascinator hat and gave Prince Will a waistcoat when the royal couple visited them in Canada.

Check out Charlotte's little dress — how adorable is this?

It doesn't hurt that plaid — red plaid, in particular — was a huge trend on runways this fall. Charlotte will wear something hip and meaningful — depending on the size of this little pinafore, it would be the perfect Christmas dress with a little ruffled white blouse underneath, don't you think?

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In case you're wondering, members of the bagpipe band didn't get to meet little Charlotte this time around, but they say the Queen was lovely and even remembered them — given the number of people she meets each month, that's impressive!


Images via News; The Sons of Scotland Pipe Band

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