Stripper Calls Her Experience With Josh Duggar 'Traumatic' & 'Terrifying'

Ack! The Josh Duggar sex scandal keeps getting worse and worse. A woman in the adult entertainment industry has come forward and admitted that Josh paid her to spend two nights with him -- while his wife was pregnant with their fourth child.


In Touch magazine reportedly conducted an interview under a lie detector test with porn star and stripper Danica Dillon, who alleged that Josh paid her thousands of dollars for private dances, and two separate nights of "rough" sex.

Dillon, whose real name is Ashley Lewis, claimed that she first met the 19 Kids and Counting star at the Gold Club in Philadelphia in March, where she was working at the time. Anna would have been about five months pregnant.

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She said, "He walked into the Gold Club like a normal patron and said he'd been a fan for a long time and has watched my career grow -- he even said from before my boob job until recently -- and that he loved watching my very first scene on [an adult website]. Then it got creepy."

In addition to working as a stripper, Dillon has also been making adult films since 2009. On the night they met, she claimed that the 27-year-old father of four was "eyeballing me," before he paid $600 for private dances.

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She revealed that Duggar offered her $1500 for the night, which she agreed to. They apparently met up in a hotel room, and while she called the experience consensual, it wasn't what she was expecting.

She confessed, "He was manhandling me, basically tossing me around like I was a rag doll. It was very traumatic. I've had rough sex before, but this was terrifying."

Holy. Crap.

She added that he did not use protection, and verbally degraded her, at one point saying, "Come on, be a good, dirty little [expletive]." About a month after that exchange, Dillon said that Josh approached her again, offering an apology, and requesting another night.

"He said something along the lines of, 'I'm sorry, I was not in my right mind ... that's what you do in your movies, so I figured you'd be OK with it,'" she claimed.

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She agreed to a second night, saying she got $1500, after only getting $1000 of the promised amount the first time around. She said he was less physical that time, but still "verbally degraded" her, and grabbed her hair. He again didn't use protection.

Dillon doesn't believe that she's the only girl whom Josh had relations with either. "I think that after I come out, there will probably be plenty more girls after me," she said. She added, "I actually really hope that his wife leaves him and takes his children away from him and leaves him a lonely, bitter man. I don't think he deserves happiness."

If this is true, the one thing I cannot get over is how Josh kept it all a secret for so long. Did none of these alleged women recognize him and try to sell their stories? How could someone so famous for being a devout Christian family man get away with it?

The whole thing is completely mind-boggling.


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