Jim Bob Duggar’s Code Word to Control His Sons’ Lustful Thoughts Clearly Backfired

Just when we thought the controversies surrounding the Duggar family couldn't get any stranger, folks close to the family are speaking up, and the secrets they're revealing are anything but ordinary.


A Duggar insider revealed that the family's patriarch Jim Bob is so controlling that he limited all of the kids' access to pop culture-related material and went so far as to remove batteries from toys that played music. Apparently he didn't want any preschool jingles encouraging them to dance or move in even the slightest of allegedly sinful ways. 

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In the Growing Up Duggar book, the daughters even cop to the fact that Jim Bob has a safe word of sorts for the male members of the family to distract the from feelings of lust.The word? Nike.

That's the signal that all of the men, even Jim Bob himself, should drop their gaze to the ground until an attractive woman passses out of their line of sight.

Kinda wacky, right? I can understand wanting to shield your kids from pop culture in terms of screen time and marketing ploys, but the code word thing feels like an odd, and ineffective, choice. It's clearly not teaching your sons to respect women, merely avoid them. And it doesn't look like that worked out so well for them, either.

Image via Doug Meszler/Splash News

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