Kate Middleton Is Reportedly All Bent Out of Shape Over Prince William's Ex

Now here's a story that may have you rolling your eyes so far back into your head that you see your own brain. Apparently, Kate Middleton is jealous of Olivia Hunt, her husband Prince William's ex-girlfriend. Whoever leaked this story has obviously never met Duchess Catherine. Just saying.


Because let's face it -- Kate M. is basically flawless in every way, shape, and form. We'd have to hate her if we didn't love her so much, because on top of being gorgeous and gracious, she's just so dang likable.

Remember when everyone freaked out about her twirling her hair, and we just loved her even more for being relatable? Yeah. We adore this lady.

Which is why reports of her feeling threatened by Prince William's long-ago ex-girlfriend Olivia Hunt are just plain laughable. According to reports, Will's former flame has recently become engaged to one of England's most eligible bachelors, barrister Nicholas Wilkinson.

Despite everyone seemingly happy and settled, some insiders are reporting that, "As gorgeous as she is, Olivia was the gf ousted once Middleton arrived on the royal romantic scene."

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The source added, "She was one of William's university interests, until the prince spotted how hot Kate was at a 'Don't Walk' charity fashion show, where she rocked a black-lace see-through dress. Soon after, Olivia and Wills were donezo. Good news here is that Hunt isn't the bitter type. She still remains good friends with both William and Kate!"

Good news, indeed. In fact, the royal couple is expected to receive an invitation to Hunt's wedding!

According to the Daily Mail, "A date hasn't been set yet, but the Cambridges will be on the guest list ... William has stayed friends with Olivia."

All seems fine in paradise to me! Of course Will and Kate had romances before they met and fell in love. It doesn't mean that they aren't perfectly happy together now.


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