Anna Duggar Isn't Allowed to Get Angry at Josh -- But We're Angry for Her

In less that six months, Josh Duggar managed to ruin the reputation of his family on two separate occasions, and now, thanks to him, they're all secluded away in hiding. The surprising part about all of this is that Anna Duggar is hiding out with Josh ... which means she hasn't left him yet. Or is that not surprising at all?


After it was revealed last week that Josh Duggar had two separate accounts with the cheating site Ashley Madison, and after Anna's brother Daniel publicly called out Josh for being terrible, was it that crazy to think that Anna might wrangle her four kids and scoot on out of there?? No. At least I didn't think so. 

But a "source" told People that according to the doctrines the Duggars preach, Anna isn't allowed to be mad because it's "not godly for a woman."

EXCUSE me?! I get that this is part of the "do what your husband says at all times" thing that the Duggars love, but you can't even get MAD?! I love getting mad! I'm mad right now!

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If Anna thought it through and came to the decision to forgive Josh on her own, then fine. It's not what I would do, but I get it. Really.

But doing what the Duggars say to do? In this situation, that seems like a very bad idea, considering.

Hopefully Anna will speak up about this soon. Or maybe TLC will air a special on cheating to go with their special on sexual abuse?


Image via annaduggar/Instagram

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