Kim Kardashian's Renewed Friendship With Rob Kardashian May Come With a Big Catch

kim kardashianFrom what we see on social media, Kim Kardashian and Rob Kardashian are getting along like gangbusters lately. Despite the fact that Rob compared his sister to a serial killer not that long ago, Kim and her brother are super chummy as of late. But, apparently there could be a reason for that -- Kim doesn't want Rob spilling secrets about her marriage


Over the weekend, Rob posted an Instagram about how he and Kim went on "the hardest hike ever" together. Though the 'gram was/is adorable, it's definitely a little odd since these two don't exactly have an awesome history together. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry (I knooow), Kim wants to be close with Rob so he doesn't reveal anything about a possible divorce between her and Kanye.

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It would be flat-out shocking if Kim and Kanye wound up getting divorced right now. Not only are they expecting their second child together currently, they actually do seem super in love. That said, though, everyone has their secrets, and I'm sure Kim doesn't want Rob revealing anything personal about her ... but I seriously doubt she's "buddying up to him" to get him to stay quiet. That would be, well, gross.

Hopefully, Kim and Rob's new and improved relationship isn't due to anything other than pure love. However, if it isn't, Kim best watch out. Clearly, Rob has no problem calling his sister out on social media. 


Image via kimkardashian/Instagram

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