Caitlyn Jenner's Fate Post-Car Crash Is Out of Her Hands Now

So much has changed in her universe since February, but one major incident from her former life remains unsettled. Caitlyn Jenner's car crash case is now with the district attorney's office in Los Angeles, where the decision will be made whether to press manslaughter charges against her involvement in a horrific crash that led to the death of one woman.


L.A. sheriff's detectives reportedly handed the case over to the district attorney's office Tuesday and the information in their report could lead to misdemeanor manslaughter charges, which would mean possible jail time for Jenner (in a women's prison, FYI).

On Feb. 7, Sheriff's Det. Richard Curry reportedly said Jenner was driving at an "unsafe speed" on the Pacific Coast Highway and her Escalade rear-ended 69-year-old Kim Lowe's Lexus, which sent it into oncoming traffic, where it collided with a Hummer approaching from the opposite direction. Lowe died.

Curry says Jenner, who was pulling an off-road vehicle on a trailer, was actually going the speed limit, but that she was moving too fast for the road conditions that day.

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If she receives a single misdemeanor manslaughter charge, Jenner could be sentenced to one year in prison.

The incident is incredibly sad, and even if Jenner serves jail time, no one wins. Howe's family still has to endure the grief and heartbreak of losing someone close to them for no good reason. Wishing everyone peace right now as this decision is made.


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