A Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume Isn't At All 'Humorous'

Caitlyn JennerA Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume is on the market this year and it's causing quite the outcry -- especially because it's categorized in the "humorous" section of many Halloween retailers. You can check out the costume here for yourself.


Change.org petition is going around asking for the costume to be pulled from the shelves. Now, while I'm sure you know someone (maybe yourself?) who has dressed up as a Kardashian over the years and gotten a few laughs -- this is very different. I'm not saying Caitlyn is off-limits from being mocked on say Saturday Night Live, but wearing a costume based off her Vanity Fair cover just seems tasteless to me -- and a whole slew of people on the Internets.

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Here's my take -- a Kim Kardashian costume doesn't bother me because she almost invites the mockery and takes it as a compliment because it means people are still interested in what she is doing. Kim's business runs on Kim staying in the headlines. Caitlyn fell into the public eye because of her former identity as Bruce Jenner. She took control of her story and really used her transition to inspire and teach others that it's okay to come out. For a frat boy to put on the corset and a wig -- complete with a sash that says "Call Me Caitlyn" -- cheapens what Caitlyn did this year and misses the point.

For many transgender people who have yet to live their authentic life, they probably feel like they are wearing a "costume" all year round. And the last thing they would want to feel when they do transition is that people think they are now wearing another "costume" by living their truth.


Image via caitlynjenner/Instagram

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