Amy Schumer Turns Mean Tweet Into a Work of Art (PHOTO)

Amy Schumer Twitter As if we didn't already know she was the coolest, Amy Schumer proved it again by responding to a Tweet -- in her typical awesome way -- and taking on what might be her most artistic role yet.


Here's how it all went down: When a fan likened the funny lady to the woman in the famous American Gothic painting, Schumer, known for her self-deprecating humor, recreated the Grant Wood classic with the help of actor J.K. Simmons.

We love that Schumer turned what was intended as a pretty obvious put-down (despite the hashtag #NoDisrespect) into yet another awesome gag that just makes us love her all the more! 

How great is that?? While Schumer bears a teeny-weeny resemblance to a much younger version of this woman, Simmons, who recently starred in Whiplash, is sort of a dead ringer for the man. 

Now we'd have to imagine the Trainwreck star is pretty busy, what with having her own show and preparing to host Saturday Night Live this October, so don't you just love that she took the time to do this? And that she had the likes of J.K. Simmons and his tiny fork on hand to give that Twitter user the ultimate "right back at ya!"

We also adore the fact that the Art Institute of Chicago, where the classic painting hangs, got into the act.

Good for Schumer for being able to laugh at herself and sharing the joke with the rest of us! 


Image via A-way!/Splash News

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