Theories Surrounding Kate Middleton's Lack of Public Appearances Keep Getting Crazier

She seems to be pulling disappearing acts left and right, as it's no secret that Kate Middleton has rarely been seen in public since the birth of Princess Charlotte, which has some royal watchers speculating there's more to the story than simply tending to her two kids.


Comparisons are being made to Princess Diana, with rumors swirling that Kate is becoming more reclusive in an effort to curtail Prince William's "partying," as in he has been attending weddings and social events on behalf of both himself and his wife.

Seems a little far-fetched, don't you think?

Tabloids also claim Kate is concerned that William is cheating and that she's staying at home in Anmer Hall where she's most comfortable -- because it's where her own family's values rule.

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I find it so hard to believe that Prince William would be unfaithful to Kate, particularly after seeing the scrutiny his mother endured while she was married to Prince Charles. My guess is Kate is completely worn out caring for two children under the age of 3. I mean, Princess Charlotte was only born in May. Kate may be a royal now, but she doesn't have super powers. (Can we please cut her some slack already?)

Think about it for a second: If this were any other mom besides a royal one, would we even flinch at the idea of her being too exhausted and totally unmotivated to get all gussied up and put on a brave face for public events? No. No we wouldn't.

Princess or not, the poor woman deserves to put her feet up and take a much-needed break.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News

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