Jon Stewart Slammed -- to the Ground! -- by WWE Star (VIDEO)

He may not be hosting The Daily Show anymore, but Jon Stewart still doesn't seem to be shy about making headlines for his antics. On Monday night, Stewart made a repeat appearance on the WWE stage, this time to be thrown on the ground by World Heavyweight competitor John Cena.


During Sunday night's WWE's SummerSlam, the former talk show host threw a chair into the ring while Cena was duking it out with Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight and United States champion titles. That's when Rollins then used the chair to beat Cena and win.

Per the New York Times, Stewart said that he did what he did because he had to, in order to protect the world championship record of Ric Flair." As the Times said: "Mr. Flair, 66, was world champion 16 times and a wrestling hero to people of Mr. Stewart’s generation."

And then on Monday night, Cena did what he had to do -- and slammed Stewart to the ground in the ring.

"It's kind of like the moment you had last night," Cena said. Despite the impending pain, Stewart was a good sport, and responded, "It was my moment ... Tonight is your moment." 

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"You did what you felt you had to do," continued Cena. "I understand that. So I know that you're going to understand this, because right now, I'm just gonna do what I gotta do."


Image via WWE/Twitter

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