Tyga's New Song About Kylie Jenner Is So Vulgar It's … Disgusting

kylie jennerIf you looked up the definition of "class" in the dictionary, you would likely find a photo of Tyga, Kylie Jenner's boyfriend. Tyga recently came out with a song about "penetration," and needless to say, everyone's assuming it's about Kylie. 


The track is called "Stimulated," and one of the lines in the song says, "They say she young ... I shoulda waited ... she a big girl, dawg ... when she stimulated." Hmmm ... if he's not talking about Kylie -- who just turned 18 -- here, who is he talking about? And either way, gross, dude. No one needs to hear that. 

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I have a sneaking suspicion that we're going to start hearing and seeing a lot more things we really don't need to hear and see about Kylie now that she's 18. I mean, it's one thing to let the world know you're dating, but it's quite another to sing about how you guys are doing it. We get it, Tyga. We get it. 

I wonder what Kris Jenner thinks about everything that has surrounded Kylie turning 18 -- this, the porn offers, the incredibly racy photos Kylie has been posting. Her daughter is a beautiful girl, but sheesh. No need to be all vulgar now that the girl is legal. Come on, Mama K, tell your daughter -- and your daughter's boyfriend -- to rein it in a bit. A little mystique goes a long way.


Image via kyliejenner/Instagram

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