Grown Man Dresses Like Prince George for a Week & Hilarity Ensues

If you've ever looked at Prince George's penchant for collars and Crocs and thought, "Hey! I wonder what it would look like if an adult wore those clothes meant for a 2-year-old," then you are apparently not alone and today is your lucky day, because a grown man dressed like Prince George for a week and filmed it. You betcha it's as weird as it sounds.


It's also hilarious. Mashable writer/inspired journalist Max Knoblauch did what he had to do (and by that I mean hand-sew sailboats and Beefeaters onto overalls and sweater vests) for his craft, and he successfully walked around dressed like Prince George for a week. In New York City. Without getting murdered. 

It's an accomplishment, to be sure.

Anyway, here are the iconic outfits he chose to recreate.

Monday: HRH's "I'm meeting my baby sister for the first time" look. Blue on blue on blue on baby blue.


Tuesday: Playdate chic. 

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Wednesday: Polo and overalls. Sadly, this outfit is not entirely out of fashion right now for adult men in New York City.

Thursday: Classic princely pairing -- even Prince William's been seen in shorts like these, though not in 30 years, because, as he grew up, his fashion choices changed appropriately.

Friday: Casual Friday calls for a sweater vest and Crocs. Is this the next runway trend?

So, what can we learn from all this? That Prince George is the best-dressed 2-year-old in existence, and we can all learn from him? Or that Macy's is the go-to destination for shorteralls? Or that grown men shouldn't be allowed to choose their own style inspiration?

Whatever the case, the full video is worth a watch:


Image via Mashable

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