Kourtney Kardashian’s 'Insane' Tweet Is Clearly a Message to Scott Disick

kourtney kardashianHmm ... something weird is going on between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. The couple, who called it quits a few weeks ago after Scott was caught hanging out with an ex, may have reconciled ... if you ask Scott. However, it looks like Kourtney is done with Scott for good. Confused? Allow me to explain. 


Over the weekend, there was some strange activity on Scott Disick's Instagram account. In one photo, which is still up, Scott can be seen relaxing (from the shins down) at what could be the pool he and Kourtney once shared in Calabasas. However, in another shot, which has since been taken down, Scott posted a photo of a sleeping Penelope, along with the caption, "Love coming home and seeing my little girl napping and looking this cute." Was he visiting/wishfully thinking?

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Kourtney, on the other hand, though, is hearing nothing of a reconciliation. Not only do sources say the eldest Kardashian has no interest in getting back together with Scott, Kourtney just sent out a pointed tweet to her ex. 


I'm no Kardashian Tweet Decoder, but to me, it seems like this message is in reference to Scott's behavior -- i.e., he keeps saying he's going to change, but doesn't. Or perhaps it's about her past behavior? -- i.e., always getting back with Scott, hoping he was changed, only to find out he wasn't. Either way, it doesn't sound like anything positive for Scott, and it certainly doesn't sound like there's a chance for them. 

As entertaining as Scott and Kourtney were to watch on Keeping Up With the Kardashians -- and as cute as their children together are -- it definitely seems like a smart decision for Kourtney to really be done with Scott this time around. In fact, it just might be the only way for her to stay sane. 


Image via kourtneykardash/Instagram

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