Ben Affleck's Former Nanny Could Make Millions Playing Batwoman -- in a Porn Parody!

christine ouzounianHoly porn parody, Batman!! Ben Affleck's former nanny and rumored flame, Christine Ouzounian, may be out of a job -- but her alleged affair might have opened the door to a lucrative new career: The 28-year-old has reportedly been offered a lead role in a Batman-themed porn!


According to TMZ, leading porn parody producer Axel Braun has offered Ouzounian $1 million to play the role of Batwoman in the sequel to Batman vs. Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody. And we're not just talking about a celeb cameo here, either: The role would require three sex scenes and two weeks' worth of "acting." 

Well. I guess we all could have seen this one coming, right? I mean, it's sort of a logical offer for someone who shot to fame with the speed of a rocket ship all because she allegedly hooked up with a married movie star (and went to Vegas with him on a private plane and posed for the camera wearing, like, 800 of Tom Brady's Super Bowl rings). It would be one thing if Ouzounian were lying low in the wake of the scandal, or even denying the allegations, but considering the fact that she seems to be embracing her newfound fame and/or notoriety, why wouldn't Axel Braun think she might be up for capitalizing on the whole thing?

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Of course, if Ouzounian should accept the offer (no word yet on whether or not she's interested), that would essentially seal her reputation as a home-wrecking harlot for the rest of her life -- so she'd have to really be ready to BE a porn star, like, for good. But considering her career as a celeb nanny is pretty much kaput at this point, she's probably going to have to find a new way to support herself anyway -- unless she's planning on being the next Mrs. Ben Affleck, that is. Which is something Jennifer Garner will probably do everything in her power to prevent, so no guaranteed meal ticket there.

And hey, if you're gonna do a porn, why wouldn't it be with Axel Braun, the man who brought us This Ain't the Smurfs XXX? Just saying, Christine. This window won't be open forever!


Image via Mariotto/Chiva/ News

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