Ashley Madison Hack Tests Relationship of Sam & Nia Rader (VIDEO)

There is no doubt that vloggers Sam and Nia Rader have had a challenging year. They shot to YouTube stardom with their pregnancy announcement only to face sadness when Nia miscarried. They shared it all in videos, causing some to question what was truth. The Christian couple made another video -- this time because it was leaked that Sam had an account on cheater website Ashley Madison. Wife Nia is going the way of Anna Duggar (so far).


Stand by your cheatin' man. For the record, I do think love can survive a lot of things, even cheating. People make mistakes, oh yes they do. But my goodness is it humiliating for the other person -- in this case Nia, who has these perfectly timed nods to what Sam is saying. My favorite? When she shakes her head yes when Sam says he's done a stupid thing.

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Sam succumbed to "fleshly desires" and "sinful curiosity." Just like Josh Duggar did. But I will say that Josh is in a category far different than Sam -- as of now, Sam is a saint in comparison. Hmm ... maybe Sam and Nia can take the place of the Duggars on TLC? Yes! I suspect that may be their goal. So what if they only have a couple of kids.

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Sam admits that he made the account two years ago and it seems he may have only had some naughty talk with some willing ladies on the site. No meeting -- no actual in-the-flesh encounters. He never consummated any cheating ways. Nia forgives him, so does God. So he says.

Good for them. In my opinion, the only people who need to know of any cheating ways (whether online or in the flesh) are the two people in the relationship. The world doesn't need to know your business. But we live in a time when hackers can reveal your private dirt to the masses. This should be between Sam and Nia, but it's not. However, seeing how public these two choose to make their lives, they of course will fall victim to the backlash of fame.


Image via Sam and Nia/YouTube

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