Beyonce & Blue Ivy Are Twice as Fabulous in Matching Mother-Daughter Swimsuits (PHOTOS)

beyonceMatching mother/daughter swimwear can be tough to pull off -- but not if the mother and daughter in question are Beyonce and Blue Ivy, of course! Indeed, if there's anybody who could ever make "Mommy & Me" bathing suits a thing, it's Queen Bey -- and we have the pics to prove it!


In a series of photos posted by the 33-year-old singer, the picture-perfect duo (along with dad Jay Z) zipped along in a gorgeous-looking little boat somewhere off the coast of NYC (we only know that because the skyline is visible in some shots). But with Beyonce rocking a super hot (yet super tasteful) gray-and-white patterned suit -- and Blue Ivy looking adorable in the same suit in a much smaller size -- it's safe to say the skyline wasn't the point of this photo shoot!


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Love that captain's hat, Bey! And how cute is Blue Ivy in her little pink cap?? (Although how darling would it have been if Blue Ivy was wearing a tiny captain's hat??) Seriously though, these look just like your family vacay pics, right?? (Wink, wink.) Here's another shot of Bey & Co. being flawless on the open water:

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Too sweet! Yeah, it's just another day in the life. You know. Boats, bathing suits, being fab. Being ... Beyonce. As one does! The only thing that would've made these pics better would have been if Jay Z was wearing a pair of swimming trunks in the same gray-and-white pattern. Come on, dude -- solidarity! Get your friend Kanye to design you a pair!

Bon voyage, Beyonce! 


Images via beyonce/Instagram

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