Kate Middleton Warned That Her Home May Pose a Danger to George & Charlotte

Kate Middleton and Prince William received an unpleasant surprise when they learned that their Anmer Hall property contains a highly poisonous tree. See, even royals have to worry about child-proofing their homes.


As it turns out, while the couple was having their land surveyed in anticipation of their tennis court renovation, a laburnum tree was discovered. Every part of this type of tree is toxic -- from the bark to the seeds and leaves. If eaten, the effects could be fatal. Considering small children like to put anything and everything in their mouths, the tree's gotta go.

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Fortunately the laburnum was on the chopping block anyway to make room for the aforementioned new tennis court, so the issue will be taken care of soon.

I'm sure Kate and William will be happy when the poisonous tree is gone, feeling safe in the knowledge that Prince George and Princess Charlotte can roam the grounds without being in danger.


Image via Mary Turner/NMA-Pool/Splash News

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