Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Are Shocked Josh Is an Adulterer Given Their Excellent Parenting

jim bob duggar, michelle duggarWhen Josh Duggar admitted to being a porn-addicted "hypocrite" who used the website Ashley Madison to cheat on his wife, the news was met with a collective eye roll/gagging noise from an already disgusted public. But at least two people were "stunned" -- Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.


According to a "source" who spoke with People, the 19 Kids and Counting matriarch and patriarch are "absolutely stunned" by their eldest son's recent confession.

"This wasn't something they ever imagined was possible," said the source. "They so strictly limit their exposure to these sorts of outside influences -- from websites to even the sort of television they watch, if they turn on the TV at all -- that they were absolutely baffled by how this could have been possible."

Hmmm. Here's an idea: Maybe if Josh hadn't been so sheltered from all things remotely sexual, he wouldn't have turned into such a creepy, sister-molesting freak?? Of course, that's probably not the case -- Josh is most likely just hardwired to be a creepy freak -- but considering how publicly and persistently judgmental the Duggars have been of anyone who espouses a belief system different from their own, it's hard to resist the temptation to "judge" Josh's situation just a teensy bit.

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Anyway, speaking of the Duggars' belief system, it's not like this latest scandal inspired them to reexamine their whole system of rights and wrongs or anything. The same source claims the Duggars are "feeling more devout than ever because they are turning 100 percent to God and prayer and their church community to help them through this," and "their faith is in no way rocked by this."

Well, how about that? No surprises there, I guess. I mean, it's not like the Duggars would actually release a statement saying something like, "Whoops! Looks like we were wrong about a whole ton of stuff. Looks like maybe we're a big old glass house and we shouldn't have been throwing stones all this time. Looks like we should have listened when Jesus said, 'Judge not, lest ye be judged.'"

Nope, probably not gonna happen. But hey, we can dream, right? 

For now, guess we'll just have to nod our heads and agree that Jim Bob and Michelle are stunned. Okay.


Image via Duggar Family Official/Facebook

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