Prince Harry’s Rumored Love Interest Might Be Too Risqué for the Royals

prince harryPrince Harry is 30 years old already (how did that happen?!) and still adorably single. Is that what keeps him looking so young? Is it the Clooney effect? Harry, however, hasn't been without suitors or love interests. Harry's latest rumored lady love is Jenna Coleman, who has a scandalous résumé making her absolutely perfect for Harry.


Jenna, 29, isn't exactly a Kate Middleton type (maybe a bit more Pippa with a dash of Posh) -- she's a little spicy. The British actress has gone topless on the BBC's Room on Top and also had a sex scene. Oh my!

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jenna coleman

What would the Queen say? (Personally, I don't think the Queen is as uptight as we all think.) One look at this girl's cheekbones and I think everyone will approve. How cute is she!?

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Jenna may look familiar and that's because she plays Clara in Doctor Who. And if the rumors are true, we may be getting to know her very well. That is, if she's really wild about Harry. (How could she not be!) But because of some royal rules, Harry was reportedly told to keep the relationship a secret. Hush hush. No kissing and telling.

So it's a wait and see with this one. She seems like the kind of girl that would not only catch Harry's eye, but keep it. He's a mix of sweet and spicy and his girlfriend should be, too.


Image via James Whatling/Splash News; Richie Buxo/Splash News

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